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Odd Shoes 2014

We are back with the bizarre shoes that were spotted among the 2014 shoe collections. There is always more than a hand full of them, but here is a list to start with this year.

Charlotte Olympia “Catch Of The day”

odd shoes 5

This is one statement shoe that has defied all odds when it come to what sells and what doesn’t when it comes to women shoes. Check all your high end designer shoe stores and they’ll all tell you “SOLD OUT”. Even though it had a whopping price of $1195.00, this whimsical catch of the day shoe, literally caught the heart of many ladies all over the globe.

Charlotte Olympia “S.O.S”

odd shoes 6

S.O.S is an acronym for “Save Our Shoes”, now this wonderfully made peep toe can easily qualify for a bridal shoe, but then confusion comes when you check the heel of the shoe, which is cork capped bottle heels. S.O.S is from the Cruise Collection 2014 which had the “catch of the day” included in it as well. You can also have the S.O.S for whopping price of $1795.00

Christian Louboutin “Conquilla”

odd shoes 4

For the first time, I had to say “NO” to a red sole! This bizarre lace up pointed toe wedge is one ugly duckling to the Christian Louboutin’s 2014 Fall collection. this oddly sculpted wedge is selling at the whopping price of $1395.00!

Gio Diev “Bombay”

odd shoes 8

I must say that some shoes can be odd in a good way, and Bombay is one of them. The cylindrical heel that curves is what makes this shoe unique in an odd way. With a futurist appeal, this shoe has captured the signature look of Gio Diev collection designs.  You can also own it for $1195.00

Guiseppe Zanotti “Paisley Platform Sandal”

odd shoes 10

We’ve come across platforms before, so you might think we are getting use to them. But when I came across this one platform sandals, I was reminded of outrageous they can be. Guiseppe Zanotti always seem to impress me with most of his classic shoe designs, but I am not a fan of this one. You can actually still find this particular style on sale for 50% of the original price of $1097.00 around.



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