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Uncomfortable Shoes That We All Love

This is an ongoing dilemma that most of us ladies have, which is to buy shoes that are not good for our feet. This post is an extension of one of the most popular posts here at; which is “Are You Buying Shoes That Are Killing Your Feet”. Here is a list of the most common shoes that are loved by most of us that are just crippling our feet.

D’Orsay Pumps

uncomfortable shoes1

We call them “Bikini Shoes” and we find them adorable and irresistible no matter what season it is. This type of a shoe (especially the high heels without any strap across to hold your feet in) is really difficult to keep on. Keep in mind that every shoe stretches after a couple times of wearing it, so the D’Orsay pump tends to rub you right at the back of your heels and will definitely pinch or rub on the vamp area. Sooner or later you will be utilizing every foot muscle to keep the shoe on, which later causes foot cramps.

Peep Toe Pumps

uncomfortable shoes2

I must admit, I love this type of a shoe so much that I’ve personally convinced myself that I can get away wearing it without incurring any pain, unfortunately I was wrong. Just like the D’Orsay pumps, after these stretches out, they seem to be impossible to keep on. Then they end up giving you blisters right at the back of your heels and sometimes on the side of your big toes.


High Platforms

uncomfortable shoes3

Any platform shoe that has a platform two inches or above is too high. We see celebrities tumbling down on these all the time, but yet we still want a piece of them. I don’t think that being in-experience walking on high heels or platforms has anything to do with it at all, I’ve realized that with these shoes, you are still guaranteed to fall one way or another while wearing them because of their height. Most ankle sprains have been credited to this type of a shoe.

Metal Capped Toe Pointy Pumps

uncomfortable shoes5

We love these pointy metal capped toe shoes. They are a cool trend that adds a modern appeal to our shoes. Pointy toes are already uncomfortable with the squeeze they give to our toes, now adding a metal to that squeeze is not cool at all.  Without a metal, usually pointy toes do give a little room for your toes as we wear them, but the metal seem to not do them any good since they are not able to give at all around the toe area.

Extremely High Stilettos

uncomfortable shoes6

There are high heels, and then there are high heel stilettos that are four inches and above (without a platform). We seem to love these type of shoes so much that we don’t care about how detrimental they are on our bodies. Since they force our body to be in an extreme abnormal standing position, most ladies have complained about back, leg problems, bunions and neuroma. You can not be on your feet for more than fifteen minute if you are going to be wearing these. So you definitely need to plan yourself accordingly.

Flip Flops With No Supportive Foot Bed

uncomfortable shoes4

Who doesn’t love flip flops? We all do despite the pain we suffer after every wear. Now not all flip flops are made equal, all I am saying is, if they are not Birkenstock or have a similar supportive foot bed, then they are not good for you. Any flat shoe that doesn’t flex with your foot is dangerous, to be precise they have been linked to a high number of plantar fasciitis. So what a flat flip flop does, is to double the chances of you getting this paralyzing inflammation of the foot by yanking your foot tissue from right in between your toes, you also utilize every bottom muscle of your feet as you try to grip onto your sandals. To be honest, I do have them and I am very careful on how long I keep them on my feet, I just don’t wear them if I know I’ll be walking more than half a mile.


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