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Healthy Feet Journal

I am going back to the commitment I pledged to commit to on my resolutions post, beginning this year. I’ve already went over the first one, “Cleaning Your Shoe Closet” and also the second resolution “To Own Walking Shoes“. I am now on the third resolution, which is: “Taking Care Of Your Feet“.



Feet are one of the most neglected body part by most people, but when it comes to us ladies, they are also the most abused body part. For that matter, I thought a “healthy feet journal” is a great idea for most of us to use to prevent imminent feet problems.

I have to mention that I am a shoe sales person not a podiatrist, but I couldn’t help but realize that this is an issue that need to be addressed by us women.


I will start with the story about the day I had to service a lady who was limping to my store once. This lady was with her boyfriend and she was wearing a five inch stiletto at the mall, her feet were swollen with blisters all around. She walked in limping, looking for a seat, and when she finally got a chance to sit down she asked me; “Do you have a similar shoe, but a little bit more comfortable than this one.” Those were her words verbatim. I then asked for a clarification, then she said; “With a heel like this one but comfortable, my boyfriend don’t want me to wear old lady shoes”.  And when she said that, I thought, “I wonder if he’s going to stick around when your feet look like an old lady’s feet.”…


I know that today we have excellent surgeons who knows very well how to cut and fix our bunions, and hammered toes. We have the best medications for all our pain incurred while abusing our feet. But if you’ve seen what it entails to go through surgery and popping pills daily, you’ll reconsider abusing your feet.

I am hoping that I’ve at least succeeded on convincing you to commit yourselves to this basic Healthy Feet Journal or make your own, and to not let silly or foolish excuses get in your way of having healthy feet! Shoe business need your feet as much as you need them ladies! Take care…


Click here for a “Healthy Feet Journal


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