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Fashion Craze On Slip On Sneakers

Street Fashion trend-setters are now the arbiters of fashion today. In the past two years these trend-setters created a craze that made slip on sneakers the number one shoe on the streets and on the celebrities lists. And the high end shoe designers have been feeding on this craze ever since then, adding their own hues, embellishments and prints.

slip ons11

The slip on sneakers have their own qualities, some are obvious and some, not so much. Here are some of the qualities that are making this trend the must have in your closet…

  • They are practicalCan easily be put on and off while providing great deal of comfort for your feet.
  • They are versatile- Can easily be incorporated with variety of outfits, for different occasions.
  • They are timeless- I love a trend that don’t get limited by age groups, and this is one trend that anyone can enjoy.
  • They are fashionable – Couture designers are now paying a lot of detailed attention to the trend. (but some of us know that the style has survived more than two decades, it was mainly used by grunge-style lovers).
  • Great for all year around- You can wear this style no matter what season it is. (I personally like it for transitioning seasons like, spring and fall.




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