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Boho Chic Boots For Spring

From distressed to boot moccasins with fringes, the bohemian trend is now a must have to your shoe closet.¬† Don’t worry if you find this trend to be too whimsical¬† for your taste, today the boho trend has evolved so much, that even the most conservative fashioninstas find it a lot easier make it a part of their life-style.

Boho 3

In most cases, a tall or ankle casual boot is able to pull the bohemian look if it is paired with the right outfit.

boho 8


But if you want to take this trend seriously, you need to step it up another notch, by adding vintage flair to your boots. Look for vintage cowboy or biker boots (with buckles or lace-ups), they are a lot more convincing than just regular casual boots.

Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2011 Emilio Pucci Milan September 2010

If you are eccentric and you want to explore the whimsical side of this trend, then you can take it all the way to moccasins with fringes or have a cowboy boot with fringes or you can simple add things like fur, feathers, buckles, lace, chain etc. to personalize your boots.

Boho 11

Boho is a trend that exude femininity, but the most fun thing about the trend is, it add an exotic flair to your style. Therefore, to add a bohemian twist to your closet, try to find outfits that convey a more relaxed, ethnically influenced silhouettes, free of fashion laws and regulations…

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