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Summer Flat Shoes That Make Your legs Look Longer

I do agree that it is always best to wear high heel in other to achieve long legs illusion, but we all know that we can not be in heels 24/7 and some ladies are not even able to wear heels at all.  Good thing is, I have few guidelines to share with you. You can follow them when ever you are shopping for flats this summer.

Guidelines to follow for an illusion of long legs when wearing flats

long legs illusion2

Color of your flats must be as close as possible to your skin tone, nude color always rules and pastel shades always works wonders as well.

long legs illusion1

If your flat shoes are dark colored, you can either wear tights that match the color of your shoes, or  skinny pants of any shade. If that is not your aimed look, you may then pair your flats with a monotone outfit that will show case your legs.

long legs illusion3

Open toe and open back flat shoes are also a great way to show off your legs, but if you prefer them closed you are better with the low vamp shoe instead of the ones that covers most of your feet.

long legs illusion4

***FYI: Wearing flat pointed toe shoes does not work as well as high heel pointed shoes,  unless they are incorporated with one of the above guidelines. Wearing flat pointed toe shoes tends to make your feet long not your legs***


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