My name is Ingrid the owner of the blog, I am an avid person when it comes to Lifestyle and Fashion. I see myself as a 21st century mature women, with a hope of interacting with women of all ages. I have 13 years of experience in the shoe biz and service, that I’m compelled to share with the world.

BasicShoe.com became an idea when I realized how much there is to be done within the shoe industry itself. My blog will combine my passion for shoes with my long time devotion to women empowerment and liberation! Slightly different from any kind of shoe blog out there. BasicShoe.com will focus on the basic needs of footwear, healthy habits as a shopper and basic shoe designs and fashion trends.

Mission is to promote shoe love not fever, women are very intelligent beings, but that being said I see a lot with an abnormal desire for shopping in general.  I am realizing that this is putting a lot of women in a predicament. I believe that if a healthy desire of shoes is more promoted than the unhealthy one,  most women will come along. 

I invite everyone to become a BasicShoe.com subscriber, by email or by my RSS feed. It will be awesome to connect(on facebook and twitter), share and learn from one another and don’t forget to comment or just simple send me a message about what you’ll like to see here at BasicShoe.com.