Five Unique Heel Designs

Mastering heel designs is now the future in shoe biz! Today a good heel design can easily became a trade mark or completely leverage the future of your shoe brand. Therefore, if you want to stick around longer in shoe biz, you have to acquire the skills that will set your heel designs apart from other shoe designers. Let’s take a look at five unique heel trends…

Cylindrical Heel Designs By Gio Diev

heel designs 5

This is Gio Diev’s unique futuristic sculpture heel design. Love it or hate it, but it is one creative way to set his shoe designs apart.


Lipstick Heel Shoe By Alberto Guardiani

Heel Designs 4

This is the ultimate heel statement design on any high heel shoe. This trend kinda went viral when it came out. I love that it came with more than one  changeable lipstick heel, and since it was so well received by so many fashionistas, I’ve seen quite a number of knock-offs.

Chunky Heels By Louise Vuitton

Heel Designs 3

The Louise Vuitton 2015 shoe collection is loaded with assorted peculiar heel designs.


Triangle Wedge Heel Designs by Alexander Wang

Heel designs 2

Alexander Wang like to push the envelope with all kinds of unique designs.  “Who would have thought of a shankless wedge heel design but him?”


Lucite Heel Trends

Heel Designs 1

Lucite heel designs have been one of the top heel trends for almost two years now, you can find it on all types of heels (kitten, wedge, high, etc.). Almost every shoe designer has experiment with this trend one way or another.

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