Four Shoe Styles That Are Trending Right Now 2015

Even though I don’t think it’s healthy to just go out there and indulge yourself with every trend that is on the market, it wont hurt to check the trending styles now and then. I selected four shoe styles that are the trendiest of all at this moment

Ankle Strap Birkenstock Sandals

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If a shoe was a cat, Birkenstock sandal would have made a good one. How many times has this sandal died as trend, only to come back a couple of years later? What intrigues me the most about the Birkenstock is that they always make a bold come back, stronger than ever. This time around they came back with an ankle strap and as gladiator looking sandal. If you have never gotten a chance to buy the Birkenstock sandal, this will be your chance, because they are definitely back!

Metallic Sneakers

Fashion trends 1
I don’t know anyone who don’t own a pair of sneakers, so I am not saying that sneakers are a new trend, but the combination is. Which is somehow peculiar to a lot of ladies out there. It’s been engrained in us that metallic is for formal wear and sneakers are for casual wear. But I am sure that you’ll agree with me that there isn’t any other sneaker on the market that is cooler than a pair of metallic ones. So ladies do yourself a favor, get one for yourselves, you’ll be glad you did.

Pointy Patent Brogues

Fashion trends 3
Yet another solid trend that seem to be evolving every other year. If you have never found brogues feminine enough for you, maybe pointy patent brogues might do the trick. Some of them have a modern girl appeal since they have a metal plate looking cover over the vamp area, and some that I have seen around have an ankle strap, which is strange for a slip on.

Pointy High Heel Cut-Out Mules

fashion trends 4
Mule shoes once vanished, some of us thought they were never going to come back. Then a couple of years back, they started to emerge slowly. This year, they’ve made a full force come back, making waves with the high end designer shoe lines. They came back with a lot of different designs, high heel and low heels. But the style that everyone is buzzing about is a stiletto cut-out mule. I Love it!

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