Ugly Shoes From High End Designer Name Brands

It is that time again to re-visit my favorite tag “Bizarre Shoes“! I have a handful of ugly shoes to share with you this October. As you all know, I am like a country girl, who like to keep her wardrobe simple. Therefore I will clearly state this disclaimer; I am aware that I don’t have the same taste nor share the same point of views as everyone else. Just because I find these shoes ugly, it doesn’t mean that everyone will find them ugly nor should they find them ugly just because I said so. And I should mention that I greatly respect everyone’s taste in shoes, even if they are not my cup of tea.

Miu Miu Glittered Sling back Pumps

Ugly shoes 1

The Miu Miu Fall 2015 is an eclectic and playful collection that consist this bizarre looking sling back. It wasn’t the only one with such hues and textures, but it was the worst looking one from the collection. Priced at $750.00, it is the epiphany of an ugly shoe.

Sophia Webster Leah Tartan Slingback Peep Toe

Ugly shoes 2

The Sophia Webster adjustable strap is a dainty peep toe which would be quite appealing to me, if didn’t have that hideous tartan bow embellishment! Now to all my girly girls, please don’t take offense, but there is absolutely no need for this over-sized multi-layered tartan butterfly bow! But if this is your cup of tea, then hopefully you also find it worthy to be priced at $550.00.


Jeffrey Campbell Ruston Bow Flat Shoes

Ugly shoes 3

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are leading on the list of bizarre shoes, and some including the ruston bow pointy flat, are the ugliest shoes in the history of shoe design. Again the over-sized bow killed it for me. Some shoe bloggers are actually marveling in a good way at this shoe. But I’ll have to pass, especially at that price of $150.00.

Brian Atwood Genie Pom Sandal

Ugly shoes 4.


If you were looking for a bizarre statement shoe, then you should consider the Genie Pom sandal by Brian Atwood. But for me, I’ll have to say “No Thanks”! I can not help but wonder who in the world thought of fuzzy colorful pom poms as ideal embellishments for a dress sandal? Then I thought, well, since it is almost Halloween, maybe you can actually work this out with a sexy clown costume. I can not think of anything else that will make me spend $1199.00 for this sandal.

Saint Laurent Glitter Ankle Boots

Ugly shoes 6

I’ve never before found an ugly shoe by Saint Laurent, so this is my first and hopefully my last. But I should mention that this is by far the most popular ugly shoe on the list! It is already sold out on every major high end designer department stores, especially the gold and silver ones. But the hot pink one you can still find at a whopping price of $890.38 at

Alexander McQueen Architectural Buckled Sandals

Ugly shoes 7

McQueen shoes might not be on my list for the must haves, but I must admit, I like the ability that Sarah Burton have, to keep the fetish flair going without ever going over the top. In other words there are plenty of basic urban inspired trends by McQueen that are ready to wear for basic shoe girls like me. That being said, when it comes to this futuristic buckled platform, I have to say it is a magnificent work of art, but not for my feet. And since these were last year’s spring summer collection, selling at $1667.00, they are sold out everywhere I look.

Proenza Schouler Fringe Mules

Ugly shoes 8

Mules are back and that is exiting! But the demand for innovation is quite high. Designers are working so hard to keep their designs modern and unique, which is why we have Proenza Schouler fringe mules. The woven dress mule is slightly deconstructed, to give it this wild look, which didn’t work for me at all, especially if it is priced at $995.00. But for the long fringe one, (didn’t make it on the list because the woven overtook it) it’s priced at $1095.00 and seem to be appealing to most celebrities and bloggers.

Prada Rubber Sole Loafers

Ugly shoes 9

No doubt that Prada is a heavy weight high end designer name brand, but it does have some share of ugly shoes as well. The loafers that are fused with a sport-luxe rubber sole, which gives the shoe comfort of a sport shoe and modern appeal that every 21st century girl is looking for. But I’ll have to pass on this loafer Prada, the rubber sole just doesn’t quite do it for me. The loafers are priced at $920.00.

Guiseppe Zanotti Twist Knot Platform Clogs

Ugly Shoes 10

If shoes were dogs, this Guiseppe Zanotti clog would be a bull dog! It is not very often that I find an ugly shoe from Guiseppe Zanotti’s collections, most of his collections are pretty amazing. But the knot platform clog is an exception, standing at 6.5″ and only the suede material that covers the foot at the vamp area, it looks like an accident waiting to happen. But again if you think you can pull it off, then you can own it for $845.00 original price (right now it is on sale 45%-60%, depending on each merchant)