“Mommy there is a monster in your closet”

Stripper shoes with teeth
Stripper shoes with teeth
Shoes with teeth

Check out this spiky studded stripper’s monster high heel with canine teeth, standing at 12 inches high! Scary is an understatement, when the first thing that comes to mind is, “who designed you and what were they thinking?” Mr Scott Hove’s name is behind this masterpiece, all I can say about him is, the guy is obsessed with canine teeth. You can check out all his canine art collections at Scott Hove facebook page.



Alien shoes by Alexander Mcqueen
Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo alien shoes

Alexander Mcqueen was one of the greatest fashion designers as we all know. Very creative in so many ways and he didn’t let fashion laws and regulations get in the way of his vision. With celebrities like Lady Gaga to endorse him, his collections became the 21st century sensation. His alien collection is one of his unique masterpieces that took shoe design to another level. These alien monsters are standing at 10 inches high,  with a price tag of more than $2000.00.


Spiky shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti

Spiked and studded shoes became one very successful trend this past decade. This weaponry trend have been entertained by a lot of top brand name shoe designers like Jeffrey Campell , Guiseppe Zanotti , etc. Must admit, spikes and studs seem to add a unique appeal on their designs.  They have a staggering price tag that is between $1000.00-$5000.00 for most top designers!


Lady Gaga doubleboots
Lady Gaga’s 24 inch boots

Lady Gaga’s shoe collection is intriguing indeed, she can open her own shoe museum and get good traffic on it. The double boot just left me speechless since no mind with common sense can come up with this idea. Kobi Levi is a shoe designer from Israel and had designed these boots specially for Lady Gaga’s Born this way video.

Then the 24 inch high boots that she wore at the airport, they were a record breaking since no one in recorded history wore such high shoes at the airport. When she was truck down by an altitude sickness after walking for about 5 minute on them, she tumbled down like an infant learning how to walk.


Fangs by Iris Van Herpen Haute
Fangs by Iris


Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer who always explore fashion beyond its boundaries, just like Mr. Alexander McQueen. She is one of the youngest top fashion designers of the 21st century, who has her own unique way of interpreting a fashion statement. In this case, fangs had to replace an actual sole of the shoe, and who would have thought of that but her!



Goat hoof gun boot by Iris Schieferstein
Hairy Shoes by Bart Hess
Puppy shoes
Exoskeleton by Janina Alleyne


Creativity has been one of the key elements when it comes to fashion designs and trends, shoes have no exception of this element. Artist and designers like Iris Van Herpen, have to come up with unique and innovative designs in order to stand out.  Since I’m a fan of creativity in fashion, I just thought this might be fun to share. If anyone knows the designers of the shoes that I didn’t put the designer’s name on the image, please leave a comment to inform us.





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