Beach foot wear is suppose to be strong but yet comfortable. I can tell you that protection goes a long way when you are dealing with hot sand, unstable rocks and, coral reefs hiding small animals and broken shells. When your shoe is a lightweight, quick-drying slip on that is ideal for water activities; that is a keeper…


I must admit, I am one of those girls who just slip on the cheapest flip-flops I can find and then herd for the beach.  The last thing we think of is “comfortable shoes” when we are going to the beach. Now through experience I can tell you that it is wise to consider comfort for your feet even for a destination such as a beach. You’ll have to start by you knowing what type of beach you are going to.

Sandy beach shoes

Crocs Cleo beach sandal
Crocs Cleo beach sandal

Sandy beaches are the most popular ones, almost everyone has been to this type of a beach. Honestly, clean sandy beaches don’t really need shoes, but when you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking especially around the tracks or side walks, then you should consider a good beach shoe. You will need a lite shoe with a flexible sole, a shoe you can easily put it on and off. You want to be able to carry your shoe when you do your walking on the sand (very good way to exfoliate) and put it right on without having to worry about cleaning or drying your feet . Therefore it should easily wick off moisture.


Coral reefs beach shoes

Speedo coral reefs shoes
Speedo coral reefs shoes

The first thing that comes to mind is beautiful beaches where I can vacation to  snorkel all day. But since this type of a beach hides broken shells and small crustaceans you have to wear a shoes to protect your feet. Your shoe must be a closed quick-drying slip on that is lightweight. You’ll also need this shoe to fit you well, in other words not  loosely or too small.

Rocky beach shoes

Teva Omnium water shoe for rocky beaches
Teva Omnium water shoe for rocky beaches

These are the least visited beaches, but if you love to challenge yourself and learn a lot about odd crustaceans or biologically rich beaches, then this type of a beach will be perfect for you. But you’ll need to have one sophisticated beach shoe. It will need to have hiker shoe characteristics (strong and sturdy) and also all the features that the other beach shoes have (which is lightweight, quick-drying slip on shoe that is ideal for any type of waters activities).


My favorite beach shoe brands

Crocs: Their shoes feature Croslite materials, a revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight and odor-resistant qualities. Crocs Inc. looks out not only for the comfort of their fans, but also for the health and well being of communities around the world.

Teva: Is a brand with a true authentic and distinct heritage in active outdoor life.  Teva is one great footwear company which has tons of knowledge and technology to go by in developing products that deliver the most out of your water adventures.

Speedo footwear: Their shoes features a grip and water drainage channels in key areas on the sole, to let water out and increase contact with the floor for the maximum grip. All Speedo footwear is Lightweight, PVC free, and designed for use around the water.