Trendy Boots 2015

We are already approaching winter and I’ll like to have a quick update on the trending boots for this season. You might already be noticing how out-dated your boots are, and I’m here to help you up-date your collection

Over The Knee

Boots 1

Over the knee boots are still going strong this year, and they have proven to be a trend that can stand the test of time! You can wear them with everything that you can wear with your knee boots or ankle boots. Check out this look book of “Over the knee boots“…

Fringes & Tassels

Boots 2

A fringe trend is already going viral on every type of shoe, and the boots are no exception to that. Fringe boots comes on all styles, from ankle all the way to your over the knee boots. Check them out here

Snake Embossed Leathers

Boots 6

Snake prints are not a new trend, but they seem to have been re-invented this year! Snake/reptile embossed leathers are unique and they are a great choice if you were looking for a way to add an animal print flair to your boots collection. Check the list of them here

Brocade Designs

boots 18

I am in love with these rich colors and sophisticated embroidery! High end shoe designers have drew the best aspect from this aristocratic inspiration. From Etro to Valentino Caravani, they’ve shown us that history isn’t fixed in time, we can enjoy it the best way possible today…

Fish Net & Lace Fabrics

Boots 27

Lace and Fishnets have never looked this sexy! I grew up trying to avoid laces all together, but now, I’ve had a change of mind. Just like the brocade trend, the lace and fishnet trend is derived from royal fashion history. Check out for more inspiration for this trend here...

Glitter On The Material

Boots 4

Glitter is a trend that has always been around, but lately, it took a turn for the better! Most high end shoe designers decided to take this girlish glamour to the next level. This year there are plenty of boots to find with glitter from Zidig & Voltaire to Guisseppe Zannotti collections that flaunts this girly trend with grace and style…

Chunky Heels

Boots 17

This might not be a surprise to most that a chunky heel boot or a shoe for that matter is still trending. But I just couldn’t resist adding it to the list, because there are still many who still don’t find them fashionable enough. Yet there have been so many brilliant designs that make the chunky heel one the best trends that we have today. Check out for inspirations here