Bridal Shoe Ideas For A Winter Bride

Winter weddings add an amazing seasonal ambiance to the occasion, which is cozy, romantic and joyful. Unfortunately for a bride to be, it becomes a nightmare trying to figure out what shoes to wear during this season, without literally having cold feet. Bridal fashion seem to not cover much on this subject, especially on shoes. Here are few shoe ideas to consider if you are going to be a bride this winter… Winter Bride 1

Not only are they cozy and comfortable, which is a priority for any winter bride, but they also complement the seasonal ambiance quite well. They are excellent for snowy wedding days.

Winter Bride 2

I truly recommend a casual boot if you want to authenticate the occasion with your own personality as a bride. You can add a fun twist to this with your favorite boot style. They are excellent for a snowy or just an extremely cold wedding day.

Winter Bride 3

Bridal ankle boots have come a long way, there is now more selection on classic styles vs the vintage look they always had before. They are for a bride that wants to keep warm while having a traditional bridal look. These will do just fine on a cold wedding day.

Winter Bride 4

This is a wonderful choice for a bride who wants to have that classic bridal look, yet still have her toes covered. As a bride you can still have fun with this choice, by choosing a pump that has your favorite winter color. The classic pumps are good for cold wedding days too.

bridal shoes7

Peek a boo¬† bridal shoes are excellent choice for a bride who like dress sandals, but unable to do so because of the season. As a bride, you’ll still be able to be formal, sexy and have a clean bridal look that we all love. These are the least warmest shoes on the list, so they are not for extremely cold days.