Large Size Shoe Dilemma Solved

The number one dilemma that most large shoe size ladies face, is to figure out how to tame the look of a large shoe. Here are couple of solutions that may help most ladies overcome this dilemma…

First You Need To Defeat The Stigma

Big Feet 21

“Beautiful Cinderella’s tiny feet were able to fit into a beautiful glass slippers, while her ugly big footed stepsisters couldn’t”. Like it or not, this story had a great negative affect on large shoe size women’s self esteem. Our society has always related anything big footed as ugly, unattractive and definitely not sexy. This is huge ladies, because overcoming this stigma that has been ingrained in us from childhood is not easy.

Big feet 1

This actually means you wont be able to be in complete peace with yourself, up until you overcome this stigma. We all work on issues that affect us psychologically or emotionally differently, therefore you need to renew your mind in a way that will work best for you. And ladies, you are not alone, today there are more large size ladies than ever before! And for the first time in history, a major high end designer shoe line “Jimmy Choo“, announced a size 11 footed woman as their new celebrity face “Nicole Kidman“! More and more beautiful and stylish women celebrities are confident enough to admit that they have big feet.

Secondly Find Shoes That Best Work For You

Ladies, you don’t need painful and expensive foot surgeries, you can actually buy shoes that work best for you! There are things you can do to tame the enormousness of your feet. (These celebrities have +/=11 size)

Big Feet 17

High heels need to be your best friend, especially if you are already less than 5′ 9″.  You can well go over three inches and even add a platform that is over one inch too. Well if you are over 5′ 9″, it is still okay to be on high heels, but if you find your self uncomfortable with that much height then, stick with kitten heels or anything that is less than three inches. Height elevate the foot, and it gives an illusion of a shorter foot and longer legs, making you look a lot more sexier than you would on a flat shoe.

Big Feet 15

You also need to get daintier looking shoes, and definitely stay way from clunky looking ones if you want to look a lot more feminine. Don’t be so fixated with how thick or how thin the straps are, focus on how dainty the shoe is. This will work on high heels and flats too.

Big Feet 10

Closed toes are the best when they have rounded toe box, which could be either a high heel or a flat. But if you are going to go with a pointed toe, stick with a high heel. It is also best when your closed toe shoes have a low cut at the vamp area, to give an illusion of a shorter shoe.

Big feet 6

The slimming colors are awesome for large shoe sizes, since they slim down your foot and give the appearance of shorter foot. Most darker shades will do the trick, but don’t be afraid to use nude colors and metallic ones. Another way to fool the eye, is to have two toned colored shoes, one lighter and one darker just like the image above.

Big feet 22

For statement shoes, cut-outs work wonders on large shoe sizes! They expose enough skin and cut your feet into smaller sections to trick the eye. Cut-outs can be your ankle straps and T-straps. You can also add accents on your statement shoes to make them more interesting.

Kendall Jenner at Paris Couture FW2014

You can actually wear flat shoes and still look good in them. Choose the ones with an arch support or just buy inserts if they don’t have one. A foot that is well supported look a lot smaller than a flat foot. Explore shoes with embellishments or the ones with straps on the vamp area: like Mary Jane, bows, buttons, etc.  You can still apply all the other tricks mentioned above on your flat ladies; like low cut shoes, darker shades or two tone colors and daintier shoes. (Kendall Jenner is size 10)