How To Prepare Yourself For High Heels

When I was growing up, shoe experts recommended that we wear elevated shoes, in order to help distribute the weight accordingly on our feet, and take away stress from our arch and lower leg muscles. Wearing high heels can also improve posture; and increase ankle, knee, hip and back muscle recruitment. Now if you are asking – “Then why are my feet, legs and back hurting?” You need to keep on reading this post to find out, what are you doing wrong

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How To Prepare Yourself For High Heels

It is imperative that you prepare yourself for a prolong elevated position. This will help you prevent imminent injuries like torn ligaments, back problems, bunions, hammered toes, etc.

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  • First – Start with a short and stable heel (one inch if you are an amateur), and make your way up as you progress.
  • Second – Minimize the time you spend on high heels at the beginning of your training. Then gradually add time as you get use to them.
  • Third -When you walk practice a heel strike (landing on your heels first) which helps corrects the leg imbalance. (Note that toe strike weakens the lower leg muscles, which may also affect your pelvic alignment and cause back problems.)
  • Fourth – Exercise and stretch your feet regularly. This will help with feet strengthening and flexibility.
  • Fifth – Tone up to  strengthen the muscles you use the most when you are wearing high heels. This will also in turn help with strengthening your joints, especially your ankles and your knees.
  • Sixth – Have a proper posture, which in turn help with your skeletal alignment. Not only does this serve the purpose of wearing high heels, which is looking and feeling taller, but it also helps with avoiding back and hip injuries.