The Most Hated Shoe Styles That Became Strong Fashion Trends

Peep Toe Booties

I couldn’t pin point the exact time peep toe boots came out, but I do remember that I wasn’t the only one who scoffed at the idea, personally, alas – I just couldn’t wrap my head around wearing a peep toe boot during winter season. Again when you are so programmed to think a certain way it is hard to be open minded – especially on creative ideas. Now the style has soared as a trend and every fashionista is flaunting their peep toe boot or booties and every shoe brand is coming up with their own version of the trend.

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UGG Boots

From the moment the boot came out, there were lot of divisive feedback on them. But that didn’t stop the UGG boots from becoming a viral trend. Well there is one thing that we all seem to agree on, including the makers of UGG boots, their boots are ugly – which I just find out that is why they are called “UGG”, name originated from the word “ugly”. But you loving these soft, warm and durable sheep skin boots or not, they became a trend right after they came out. We couldn’t stop talking about them, so much so that the high end designers added their own versions of the UGG inspired collections. Even though most designers have failed to incorporate that nice and soft feel of the UGG, it didn’t stop them from giving the brand a run for their money.

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Crocs Shoes

explained this way better than I could ever done on her article, “The Croc EpidemicHow a heinous synthetic shoe conquered the world“! Most still hate Crocs today, but that hasn’t stop the style from becoming a trend of its own, with numerous generic brands coming up with their own knock offs, you are guaranteed to find them anywhere you go…

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Platforms Shoes

Platform is not a new trend, it’s been around for more than four decades already! It is a style dating all the way to the ‘hippies era’. It has never failed to be surrounded by controversial stigma since it came to mainstream. Modern platforms are getting weirder and they are not making it easier for the trend to look decent. Despite all the harsh feedback from most ladies, platform shoes have now became a strong trend, that even the most skeptics are able to find them plausible.

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Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock sandals are one of the shoe styles that have stand the test of time. Those who wore Birkenstock sandals in the nineties, when the sandal got popular suffered sever criticism from fashion police and those who hated the style. Stigma of being a ‘lazy bump’ was the most popular one back then! Now I suppose since high end shoe designers as well as generic brands designers, have tried to come up with their own version of the sandals, the Birkenstock shoe design team is the one that is having the last laughs.

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