Unconventional Shoe Trends 2016

I am starting with a different approach this year ladies and gents, and that is by challenging myself and every one of you to get out of our comfort zones. That will be by trying something different or something that is considered to be unconventional this year.


Now we all know that fashion trends come and go, but the challenge stays the same when it comes to coming up with something different. I personally have lived long enough to know that there are times when the fashion world seem a lot redundant, and yes – that is sometimes boring. For that reason I am going to take the advise I usually get a lot – “Don’t be so serious!” And what’s the best way to follow this advise other than to go with a pair of silly fun design flats? I’ve been seeing a couple of pairs like these in the past two years and you know what, and they get better every year!


I also want to go tribal! This eclectic trend is obviously doing very well in the fashion world. So it really doesn’t matter what style I go with. It can be a wedge, sneakers or dress sandals. As long as they have these amazing eccentric color patterns on them.


I have a confession to make – “I am glitter phobia.” So therefore going glitter will be quite challenging for me. The trend continues on this year and it is stronger than ever as the shoe fashion biz embrace it all the way! But for me, I am still recuperating from the shock I had last year when I saw glitter on ankle boots! Since the challenge is pretty clear on this, I guess I am going to face my fears and try on a pair of a glittered shoes…


Okay – another phobia of mine is plaid prints! I’ve never even owned a table cloth that is plaid for crying out-loud! I guess if I am serious about not being so serious this year, I might try two or three pairs with plaid prints. I don’t want to promise anything other than trying them for now.


I am going to love this challenge – getting myself a unique heel design is not going to be as challenging as the other trends I’ve mentioned here. But nonetheless, I don’t own a pair of shoes with a quirky or odd heel.  Remember that the challenge is about trying something new or to add something unique to your shoe closet! I am willing add a quirky heel to my shoe closet, to make shoe fashion great again (Alas, for to stealing lines from Trump’s slogan).


This one is definitely going to be a challenge. Because coming out of the lady mode isn’t as easy as it seem (writing this while listening to my favorite girl anthem -Marina and Diamonds “Girls” LOL). I can not seem to wrap my head around this trend, because it was drilled to me as I was growing up that it is tacky to wear socks with sandals! Well I guess 2016 is going to be a year I go tacky wacky all the way, its now or never.


Gothic accents trend have been quite impressive. For me, it was Alexander Mcqueen’s goth inspired couture, that made the whole look interesting. Therefore I know that there are couple of goth inspired shoe styles that might help make this challenge not as bad as it sounds.  These style might have accents like a chain or studs or both. I am pretty sure I’ll go with studded heels on this one, but I’ll see.


I own a 1.5″ platform wedge that is standing at 4.5″ all together – it is my favorite pair of shoes in my closet. But I just can not seem to get a hang of the “flatforms“! They look more like a brick to me. So I’m quite curious to know how this challenge will turn out.

Let the challenge begin! You can also post your own challenge images on comments below or/and post them on Twitter (#ShoeChallenge)!