Supporting Shoe Companies That Supports Our Well Being

As promised, that every term I’ll re-visit one and each of the four possible resolutions for shoe lovers this year. I am finally on the last one, which is: “Supporting Shoe Companies That Supports Our Well Being”. I’ve already covered the first one, which was  “Cleaning Your Shoe Closet”, also the second resolution which was “To Own Walking Shoes“ and the third one which was“Taking Care Of Your Feet“. Here are three things that we ought to look for from these companies…

Companies That Support And Take Care Of Their Employees

This isn’t easy for any type of industry, since the qualities I was looking for were:Big pay for their employees

  • Offering programs and provide resources for employees to better themselves (i.e Paying or assisting with tuition)
  • Offers retirement plans and health care programs
  • Member of Two Ten Footwear foundation (non profit organization that supports footwear employees and their families in difficult situations).
  • Well thought out perks for their employees

I came across a list of “100 best companies to work for” by Fortune, I was delighted to find a shoe company that made it. Zappos, an online shoe company that started strictly as a footwear company, and it made the 100 best companies’ list as number eleven. Not only do they pay their employees well at Zappos, but they also offer 100% health care premiums and a lot more other exciting perks that make it a delight to work for.

Shoe Companies That Support Our Communities

I can not stress this enough, we need to support shoe companies that supports our communities:

  • Companies that volunteer time and space to our communities
  • Companies that host and sponsor community events
  • Companies that teach and raise awareness of any issues that affect our communities
  • Donates and give funds to non profit community organizations

It was pleasing to find a couple of companies that run programs that supports our communities. But that being said, Toms shoe company stood out the most on this area. Toms was actually founded for such cause! Above all they don’t just meet their initial promise, which is “to match every shoe purchase, with a new pair of shoes for every child in need”; but they also go far and beyond, by donating their time and money to improve the livelihood of our communities, locally and internationally!

Shoe Companies That Are Eco-friendly

To find shoe companies that were environmentally friendly a decade ago wasn’t as easy as it is today. When I worked on a post about “cute shoes with the best materials“, I was please to find a hand full of these companies:

  • Companies that use organic and re-cycled materials
  • Companies that use biodegradable materials
  • Companies that support sustainable business practices
  • Companies that seek and promote green conscious choices

Even though I favor Patagonia as an Eco-friendly company, all companies that support this great cause are winners! Not only is Patagonia accountable, responsible and sustainable company, but they also support and fund other organization that commits to do the same. They are greatly committed to projects that encourages their company and other companies to take responsibility of the impact they have on the customer, employees, communities and the environment.

If you have a shoe company that does any of the above, please share with us on the comments.