Cleaning Up Your Shoe Closet.

As promised, we are going to go over each possible resolution we could have made for this year. Beginning with the first resolution on the list “cleaning up your shoe closet”.



I’ve always advocated self-knowledge, which I believe result in knowing your style. Therefore in order for you to make the best out of  your shoe closet clean-up, it is vital that you take a look at yourself first and then your current situation in your closet. Starting by asking yourself these three basic questions:

What do you need your shoes for?


  • When you have a bunch of shoes that don’t fit you nor meet your needs, it is time to clean up your closet.
  • It is vital that you make your shoe closet functional as much as possible. And you need to base this to your lifestyle.
  • Cover every need in your closet, from work shoes to running errands shoes. Above all, have more of what you use the most (i.e. If you walk most of the time, but yet you have a bunch of stilettos that you don’t use and only one pair of shoes you can walk on, it is time you balance your shoe closet out.)

What shoes work for you and which ones don’t?


  • Yes ladies, I am for all fashionistas out there, but I am going to be blunt on this one, so brace yourselves: buying shoes just because they are in fashion is not wise!
  • Being able to buy current trends that work for you and to be able to combine those trends to reflect your sense of style, is priceless.
  • Also this is where you will need to know your shoe size and your preferences (in terms of heel heights, materials, brands etc).

What is your quantity vs space ratio?


  • Within your closet space, allocate one spot where you can put a shelving unit for your shoes (shelving should be in an area where you can easily reach and clean). This is going to make it easier for you to arrange all your shoes base on your needs and space.
  • When it comes to space, always make room for a new pairs of shoes, by either donating or selling  your gently worn shoes or recycling your worn-out shoes.
  • Arrange your shoes in a way that will preserve their materials, protect them from scuffing.
  • I’ve always preferred quality over quantity. To have three shoes that are versatile and good quality is way better than fifty cheap pile of shoes that are biodegrading in your closet.
  • Again ladies, it is wiser to buy shoes that you are going to wear or use to get your money’s worth out off. It is so much easier to make a decision on what to wear when your shoe closet is clean and easily accessible.

 What styles or brands reflects your taste?


  • It take time and maturity to be comfortable under your own skin. But you need to be yourself, not what others think you should be.
  • If you haven’t gotten a brand that works for your sense of style, then it is time to start looking for one. Find more like minded women to see where they do their shopping, and how they feel about their purchases.
  • Having two or three brands that works for you goes a long way in balancing that closet and making it more functional.
  • When your shoe closet reflects you and is full of shoes you love, it will be fun and easier to dress up.