There seem to be a new brand for women shoes out every year, I am just hoping one day it will be a “BasicShoe” brand on the list.  The list of top brands is endless, but I will narrow it down to the “top three brands” women dress shoes.  I’m weighing four things on this list for them to qualify:

  • Do they come in mind you are looking for dress shoes.
  • Do they have a proven record of more than 2 decades in shoe bizz.
  • Can you just walk in to your local shopping mall and buy their brand name  shoes.
  • Are they affordable? Or do you have to save to buy their product like you do when you are planning a family vacation.


Nine West


This is a brand that most ladies know about, and it is beloved by women all over the world. Did you know that Nine West is sold in sixty countries? Yes they have stores in every continent.  With a combination of both trendy and classic designs Nine West is the most popular dress shoe brand that is affordable for women today. They’ve been in shoe bizz for more than 30 years now, and definitely promising to stay on this game for the next generation to come.

Cole Haan


This is one brand that seem to be a grandma of all top brands, almost a century old, Cole Haan  offer quality, style and comfort more than all top  brands combined! When you buy one of their shoes you know very well it money well spent. Their shoes are definitely not cheap but they are also not expensive like the designer brands, and yet they seem to offer same quality. When they were bought by Nike in 1988, they started to introduce footwear that has built in air chamber on dress shoes, “Nike air technology“. Cole Haan is greatly inspired by the streets styles of New York city, so their styles varies from high heels to flats. Like most brands today they struggle to keep brick and mortar stores rolling, but the brand is still turning heads for a lot of women out there and you can still find their stores in most countries.

 Steve Madden


This is a brand that we all think off when we want to look like a fashionista.  When  you see a great looking pair of shoe on a celebrity or a model and you know very well it will cost you a fortune to have the same shoe, well guess what: “You can get same look at Steve Madden shoe stores for almost a fraction of the price”. If you are looking for the high-end and runaway shoes I suggest you visit your nearest Steve Madden shoe stores which are in most countries or their website. They’ve been on the shoe bizz for more than two decades offering the trendiest seasonal styles at the price that won’t break the bank.