Damico Milano Shoes

“The Only Real Elegance Is In The Mind: If You’ve Got That, The Rest Comes From It” I couldn’t agree more with Francesco d’Amico’s icon Diana Vreeland – true elegant styles come from true geniuses! 

Francesco is a 34 years old shoe designer from Milan… He is the master mind behind the Damico Brand – unfortunately BasicShoe missed the launch of his brand last year. But I am glad we are still able to admire his brilliant work! 

Damico shoes have a very intriguing modern twist to them. Francesco have incorporated sleek silhouettes that gives his designs a competitive advantage among other high end designers, while still have the must haves desirable wearable look for BasicShoe girls.

While this is an introduction to the brand, BasicShoe will be keeping an eye on the Damico Brand and hopefully Francesco will not disappoint us.