Urban Fashion Trend In Shoe Biz

When urban fashion trend went viral in the early 90s, men shoe sales soared, while women shoe sales on the other hand, remained the same. Thanks to the 90s female R&B stars like Aliyah, Janet Jackson, TLC, Mary J. Blige, etc, who revolutionized urban fashion trend for women in general in the mid- to-the late 90s.  

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What is urban fashion trend you may ask? – It is a trend that was conceived on the streets, by youngsters who couldn’t conform to the mainstream or conventional fashion trends. Most believe that the trend is limited to hip hop fashion, which is not entirely true. The trend has evolved a lot since then, it is no longer limited to hip-hop or R&B fashion. Not only has it became mainstream, but its true essence has been inherited by what we call today “street-style”.

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Urban Fashion Trend doesn’t have rules, but it does have one requirement. That one must possess a certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi” called “Swagger”. A lack of swagger is considered a crime against the nature of the trend. You’ll all together fail to master the trend if you lack this requirement. Urban fashion has been around for more than two decades now, and since then, it has managed to inspire or influence other fashion trends like bohemian, sartorial,  sport fashion, etc.

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Since I am in shoe biz, today there are a lot more women shoe styles or designs that are inspired by urban fashion trend than they used to be in the 90s. These types of shoes exude the fashion sense of young and old women who love and enjoy the urban fashion trend.

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True urban fashion fashionistas, believe that the trend is dying. Their argument is based on the true roots of urban fashion. They claim that the trend has been shilled by the Hip-Hop and R&B artist to mainstream fashion. They believe that the authenticity of the trend itself lies on it being owned by the streets, not by mainstream fashion. So taking the urban trend to mainstream left these fashionistas with no choice but to let the trend evolve to simple street-style fashion…

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