Stigma Surrounding Wearing Walking Shoes

We are now on our second possible resolution for every shoe lovers out there. We went over cleaning up the shoe closet already, and we are now on owning walking shoes. The good thing about this resolution is, you get to do what most shoe lovers love to do, “shopping“! But first ladies, we have to work on the following issues that has been causing some of us to not buy walking shoes…

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Walking shoes are not girly enough, you look more like a tomboy when you are wearing sneakers:

The shame to this misconception is mostly perpetuated by ladies who wear stilettos everywhere, even on sport events. I will be honest with you on this one ladies, as a person who is devoted to women empowerment and liberation, my point of view is derived from that perspective when it comes to this stigma. It is not a cool trend to wear stilettos on sport events . As women we’ve come a long way and trust me, we are capable of going to the sport events as fans and supporters while enjoying ourselves at the same time. Therefore this statement is not true at all.

walking shoes 1


Women on walking shoes are not sexy:

Yeah right! Let us be honest here for once, by asking ourselves one good question: “What makes a person sexy?” Is it the clothes they are wearing, shoes they are wearing, or on some cases a car they are driving? Well I hope we all agree on this one, that the answer is an astoundingĀ  “NO”! Ladies sexy stilettos don’t make you any sexier than they will be when they are worn by a goat. I personally think that the characteristics of a sexy person is health, confidence and hygiene (you can add yours on comment box below). So you can be as high as you want to be on your stilettos ladies, but if you lack basic characteristics of sex appeal, your stilettos wont be a quick fix for you. If you really need some height when you are wearing walking shoes, try on the wedge sneakers, they sure will do the trick.

walking shoes 2

Walking shoes are for people with feet problems:

The only answer I have for you on this one is very simple, if you don’t own walking shoes, you’ll eventually have feet problems. Prevention is always better than the cure! If you know what entails for you when you have bunions and hammered toes and unable to wear your stilettos at all, you’ll wish you gave your feet a break now and then. If you know you are on your feet for a prolong time, prepare your feet by wearing sneakers or walking shoes.

walking shoes 3

The idea here is to have balance in your closet. Yes you can own stilettos or any other type of shoes, but you still need to buy walking shoes that will give you an overall support of your feet, in that way you maintain the proper shape and health of your feet. Flats without good support tend to cause your feet to have pes planus (fallen arches) or give you heel spurs. While on the other hand the stilettos cause you to have bunions or hammertoes, if they are worn for prolong time. This all means ladies the shoes we should be wearing more often are walking shoes or shoes that provides support andĀ  comfort to our feet.