Work Sandals Guideline

Usually peep toes are considered work appropriate for open shoes, because they seem to be more secure and safer than sandals. I just want to let you know that you can have the same security and comfort when you are wearing your sandals at work. You just need to know how to choose the right sandals.

Work Sandals 9

For slip on sandals to be appropriate for work, you need to be very careful as into how you select them. First they have to be very well fitted in order for them to stay securely on your feet. If you may, you can get the one with an adjustable strap for a customized fit. For this sandal to be comfortable you need to get a low, chunky heel.  Make sure your mind isn’t focusing on the shoe, this will happen if your feet are using a lot of muscle to grip on to the sandal.


Work Sandals 2

If you decide to get a minimal sandal (the one with a thin strap across the toe), you’ll need to compensate the lack of maximum support on your toe area, with a solid support or a strap on your ankles and heels. This will help you stay in control and be able to walk on your sandal with ease. A small chunky or a kitten heel is ideal to keep you stable all day.

Work Sandals 5

If you want a little more height on your minimalist sandal, then keep the ankle strap and a solid heel support. But your toe strap has to be a lot more secure or wider than the lower heel one. When you try this sandal, you shouldn’t feel like your feet are sliding through. If they do, try to get a wider strap on your toes or the vamp area.

Work Sandals 6

If you want to get a slender heel instead of a chunkier one, then you need to get a sandal that will provide you with the entire foot support. Your sandal has to securely hold on to your feet, for you to stay in control. The sandal itself has to be light, with a flexible sole in order to provide you with needed comfort.

Work Sandals 8

Yes, you can wear a trendier sandal to work, as long as it doesn’t scream attention to itself. Which means that the color and the embellishments need to be kept at a tasteful or minimum level. Keep the same guidelines that you’ve been using on regular sandals, but since trendier sandals are not as comfortable as regular sandals, you might consider a one inch or less platform for insulation and padding.

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